What is OSP?

OSP stands for “Open Social Platform”. It is actually not a platform, at least not a centrally stored one. OSP is based on TYPO3, the Enterprise CMS, which is known for high security standards and high scalability.

OSP is a free Social Media Software, based on TYPO3, one of the most reliable and secure Content Management Systems on the market!

To take full advantage of OSP, an installation on your own web space is recommended. Since OSP is software that works on normal web space and is accessible to everyone, it can never and will never have the same functions as facebook. Except, of course, if someone has a particularly large budget for high-performance servers. OSP is scalable because it is already based on complex, high-performance software. In the end, the limit is the server capacity.

Free and Open Source

OSP is Open Source Software. That means everyone can download, install and even modify the software. Due to the integration into the already existing and proven TYPO3 CMS, the installation is relatively easy.

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