OPEN SOCIAL PROJECT - Take over control, stop using facebook!

It’s not easy to find high quality content on facebook these days. To be honest it’s dramatic how the “quality” of facebook developed. Let’s face it, most people just waste their time with unnecessary content that they consume in huge amounts.

You pay with your life, it’s not for free

Everyone knows today that facebook has become a huge controlled marketing machine. Everyone knows that thanks to our smartphones, Facebook listens to us and then displays advertisements for which companies pay overpriced prices.

Increasingly, identifiable data collection is happening in more dimensions than are ever understood by most users. Some apps now offer “general” surveys or take note about group preferences, but are really harvesting detailed notes that track us individually.

But the biggest problem is not that we are bombarded with advertising or that we consume unnecessary content that is controlled by artificial intelligence.

You have no control over your data

The worst thing is that everything you ever wrote or uploaded to facebook is stored forever on some facebook server. Even if the platform offers you functions to delete your content, you will never have full control.

Who guarantees that your data is not still stored on any backup?

Many web applications do not delete data directly, but only set one entry in the database to “deleted” and the content is no longer displayed. In particular, if you can restore content that has already been deleted, everything indicates that the content has not been deleted 100%. Otherwise you could not undo the deletion!

Big data means power and control

There have been countless articles, documentaries and speeches by renowned experts. The millions of personal records from private chats, posts and comments that facebook every day received from us, simply give the company and its partners too much power. They can now sell us what they want. Products and services or political opinions.

Censorship and control are strengthened

Especially in times of “Corona” and “Black Lives Matter” we experience a drastic increase in censorship in the social network. No matter what political opinion you take. There is hostility, reported and censored content on all pages. Some governments have even communicated quite openly about how they “want to make the social network more secure” through more control and censorship.

Are you ready for more personal responsibility?

When you talk to people about the topic of this article, most people quickly realize that the facts mentioned are true. People are aware of what Facebook is doing in the background, at least for the moment.

Many of us use the same excuses to continue using Facebook

  1. I have so many contacts there that I don’t want to lose
  2. it is so comfortable “to have everything under one roof”
  3. I get information on world events on facebook
  4. I share a lot of content with friends and family

I have so many contacts there that I don’t want to lose

This statement speaks for itself. People already believe that it is no longer possible to maintain personal contacts outside of facebook. There are numerous safe and better alternatives, e.g. the signal chat instead of the Facebook messenger. Or an OSP system on your own web space instead of the facebook wall. Your contacts can use OSP to access, comment on and like your posts. If they don’t have their own OSP, they can log into your system to interact with you.

It’s so comfortable “to have everything under one roof”

Of course, it is great to have classifieds, groups and events in addition to posts, comments and likes. This will also be possible with OSP. There will be modules and plugins with which you can expand your OSP. The limits of the possibilities are mainly determined by the server performance of your web host. The basic system TYPO3 CMS, on which OSP is based, is already suitable for complex and large projects. Experienced TYPO3 developers can integrate any function in OSP.

I inform myself on facebook about world events

This is where it gets dangerous. You have to be relatively tech-savvy to configure facebook so that you really only see relevant content. Most of the information we see is controlled either by algorithms, companies with interests or other users. With OSP you won’t get irrelevant content from unknown people. You alone determine what you see. And above all, you won’t see any advertisements unless you build them into your system yourself.

I share a lot of content with friends and family

Facebook was actually about sharing content with friends and family. The stupid thing is that we also permanently share our content with facebook itself. In times of facial recognition and artificial intelligence, you should be critical here. When you upload content that shows friends, acquaintances, or family, you may share data with Facebook that could later be used for profit or control in some form. With regard to the corona epidemic, this data could be used for more control in the future.

Your own Social Media App from $7-10 / month

If you really want more security and freedom, you need to take over control yourself.

Of course, operating your own social media software means more effort than simply opening an account with facebook and accepting the entire terms and conditions unread.

But you can have your own social media platform starting at under $ 10 a month.

The costs are only for your web space. The OSP system is open source and can even be used commercially.

How can I install OSP?

All you need is a web host that supports the TYPO3 CMS. With many providers, you can automatically install TYPO3 and also install updates. The OSP system can be downloaded here and installed in TYPO3 using the Extension Manager. You can configure it in the TYPO3 backend and your OSP should be ready for use in less than half a day.