Configuration of Page Types

The typeNum values of the Ajax pages can be configured using TypoScript. This might be necessary to avoid conflicts with other extensions using the same page type. If you only have osp installed, and compatible extensions, you will never have to change these constants. Only change them if you know what you are doing!

However, the constants responsible for this cannot be accessed via the constant editor.

If you change the values, you must take this into account when connecting to other OSP installations and adjust them accordingly in the templates. Otherwise your Ajax calls will no longer work properly.

TypoScript Constants

plugin.tx_osp {
	settings {
              	page_posts_home = 800
                page_markdown_preview = 810
                page_like_click = 820
                page_external_post_fetch = 830
                page_external_post_provide = 840
                page_browser_extension = 1100
                page_browser_extension_form = 1110